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Sometime you need to test your website if it complies with 508 Accessibility Guidelines. There are many tools (free or paid) available in market which do this. These tools check the HTML of your webpage and provide suggestions. But none of these tools check your aspx or ascx pages while you are still developing your web application.

508 Compliance Validator is a step in that regard. It is a tool which checks for issues in your aspx or ascx pages and provided suggestions. It also has a Rules.xml file through which you can add your own rules and validate your markup against it.

Since this tool analyzes aspx/ascx pages, we really can't use HTML parser to parse the content. So I used Regular Expressions to do that. I understand that regex is not the ideal way to parse HTML but the point is that this tool does not check HTML but rather aspx/ascx markup. So it is basically the first line of defense in your quest for 508 compliance.

Feel free to improve the code and make suggestions.

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